Cee Lo Green's Afro

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2011, As seen on The Voice, NBC Tuesdays 9/8 central

Mathew: I would so wear that afro if I could carry it off.

Helm: 'Tis truly, the afro of the gods.

Mathew: You know, I almost think I could pull it off.

Helm: No, you cannot.

Mathew: I think...you know...maybe.

Helm: No. Abandon the idea.

Mathew: You're right. I'm not big enough. I'd have to put on some serious weight to make it work.

Helm: The last thing you or I need is another ounce of fat on your already corpulent frame, although that afro is so amazing, it might almost be worth it if that were all it would take.

Mathew: So, you agree, I would look amazing in that fro?

Helm: No. That afro would own you. Actually...that afro might make a better Valhalladrim than you do.

Mathew: Not really cool, Helm. Not really cool.

Helm: Hmmm. The gods specifically prohibit me from taking another Valhalladrim whilst you still live, but they have said nothing about imparting my powers to a wig...

Mathew: You're kidding, right?

Helm: Hmmm.

Mathew: Fine. If you can make it work, I give you my blessing. But only because that fro is so amazing.

Helm: I suppose I will have to stick with you, as the afro gains much of its appeal from its placement on the head of that particular performer.

Mathew: Agreed. Now, aren't you glad I forced you to watch The Voice tonight?

Helm: No.

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mathewFive FlamersFive Flaming Swords!!

Mathew: I wonder if I could pull it off if the hair was blond.

Helm: If the hair was blond, I would pull it off you myself.