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2011, Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures. Directed by Duncan Jones. Running time: 94 minutes. PG13. Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga.

Mathew: An intellectually stimulating film.

Helm: I enjoyed it, but it reminded me of that other one.

Mathew: Which other one? Inception? The Adjustment Bureau? Dark City?

Helm: Ground Hog Day.

Mathew: What?

Helm: Ground Hog Day. The one in which the events repeat. Have I misspoken the title? Is it Ground Pig Day?

Mathew: You are such an idiot, Helm. Ground Hog Day is a lighthearted comedy about a guy learning to make the most of the opportunities life presents him through the unexplained reptition of a single, pivotal day in his life. It's a great movie, but it's nothing like this one. Source Code is a work of dark science fiction that wrestles with questions about identity, reality, sacrifice, exploitation and fate.

Helm: There's a man who has to repeat the same period of time over and over again until he figures something out, meanwhile falling progressively deeper in love with a brunette woman who is a comparative stranger. Am I missing something important?

Mathew: You're missing everything! The two films couldn't be more different. Source Code is a thriller. People get killed! It's gritty and tense! Stuff blows up!

Helm: Well, to be accurate, one thing blows up repeatedly.

Mathew: Okay, fine. But in Source Code, the guy is a kick ass soldier--Captain Colter Stevens. There's a ticking bomb on a train and a villain and millions of lives at stake. It's an action movie! In Ground Hog Day, Phil Connors is just a TV weatherman and there's no bad guy and hardly any action. Nothing blows up!

Helm: One could interpret the insurance salesman character in Ground Hog Day as a villain. And there is that point at which Phil Connors drives the stolen car off of the cliff, killing both himself and the ground hog in a firey explosion...

Mathew: Okay, just shut up.

Helm: Wait! I still have questions! I was confused about what kind of magic they were using to re-run time. Was Dr. Rutledge supposed to be some kind of wizard? Or was Goodwin a witch?

Mathew: This review is over.

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