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The Maze Runner
four point five4.5 flamers

2014 20th Century Fox. Directed by Wes Ball. Running time: 113 minutes. PG 13. Starring: Dylan O'Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Will Poulter, Kaya Scodelario

Helm: I was not really expecting much from this film, seeing as how it was based on another of those books intended for children that you read all the time, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Mathew: The genre is called YA fiction, Helm, and it's accessible to all ages.

Helm: But specifically written for children like yourself?

Mathew: The books were best-sellers, Helm. Lots of adults read and enjoyed them. Just like you enjoyed this movie.

Helm: I did enjoy this movie. I found it immediately engaging and thought it was well paced and acted. The note of initial mystery is strong and holds through the whole film without wearing thin. There were a few events that were telegraphed far too clearly--probably because children wouldn't have seen them coming--but other than that, it was very engrossing.

Mathew: I beg to differ.

Helm: Beg all you want. You are wrong.

Mathew: What I meant was-

Helm: No one cares.

Mathew: Listen Helm, we review movies as a team, alright? That means my opinion counts too. I can talk.

Helm: Verily. In fact, you seem to have a problem keeping quiet.

Mathew: Dang it, Helm! Fine. I'll be the adult here.

Helm: Or at least the young adult.

Mathew: Ignoring you.

I thought this film was AWESOME! It rocked. The special effects were good, it was loyal to the book, the characters were amazingly well cast--even in instances where they were different than described in the book, I still felt like they worked. And I thought the twists and turns were really surprising!

Helm: You know, it is very unfair to use you as a yardstick for judging surprise. I have seen you surprised by the fact that you have to get up in the morning and by the fact that, if you continue to over-eat, you will remain obese.

Mathew: You're obese.

Helm: Technically, I am not.

Mathew: Whatever. I'm a good reviewer and you're not. You never say anything interesting about the films and you just spend all your time criticizing me.

Helm: Well how about this then? I think the director, Wes Ball, may have handled this, his first real feature film, so deftly because he comes from a special effects/graphic arts background as well as directing, writing and editing . This was a film in which special effects played a significant role but needed to remain a credible part of the background rather than ostentatiously taking center stage. I thought he carried that off quite well.

Mathew: Wait. What?

helmFour FlamersFour Flaming Swords!!

mathewFive FlamersFive Flaming Swords!!

Helm: I really only knocked off that one sword because of the thing with the chubby kid and that bit with that other kid.

Mathew: Those were totally reasonable and unexpected!

Helm: I saw them coming a mile off.

Mathew: But it was still an AWESOME movie.

Helm: It was still a very good movie.